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Composing helm deployments

📆: 2024-06-11 - 🏷: blog, helm, k8s

Finally understood how to make a helm deployment use another chart and configure it! I’ll show you how

Squashing a Ruby Bug

📆: 2024-05-18 - 🏷: blog, ruby, gdb

The tale of how we found a very peculiar condition on ruby involving all the greatest hits of software: Threads, Processes, & C Compilers.

Why my Kubernetes rails app returns 502 errors?

📆: 2024-03-28 - 🏷: blog, til, k8s, oom, cgroups

Why one app can handle >10k requests per second without sweating a bit [pun intended] and another one with two orders of magnitude less traffic gets sporadic 50X errors served by AWS ELB.